• Image of City Limits Issue #1

Issue 1 of City Limits features 54
pages of color graffiti pics taken in Detroit.

Elmer, Gasm, Aires and Niets.

Also including:
Kosek, Repht, Melo, Brzm, Amo, High5, Esey, Pak, Mince, Army, Fresh, Naked, Head, Tead, Yogrt, Ayem, Rawr, Loaf, Jmack, Dems, Sohoe, Jasp, Eater, Sekt, Gray, Fel3000ft, Swag, Snax, Mozik, Marmer, Lokey, Stori, 4Eyes, Malt, Chaos, The Weird, LTS/KOG, Fleks, Rats, Bowzer, Swank, Rime, Shock, Purge, Sabot, Persue, Zes, Nekst, Optimist, Nychos, Trav, Amuse126, Pear, Ceno, Kater, Ideal, Revok, Sori, Touch, Afri, 2Buck, and Purpl.

*Bonus Exclusive Elmer Interview and Nekst Tribute Page

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